Elder Law Attorneys in Ottawa County, Ohio

Old couple talking to their attorney — elder law in Oak Harbor, OH
As elderly people prepare for life in retirement and beyond, it is imperative that they seek counsel from experienced attorneys that can assist them in the various aspects of elder law that become increasingly important with age. If you or an elder family member on the Ottawa County, Ohio area need guidance on estate planning, Medicaid, social security, or other legal matters impacting elderly people, call 419-898-3095. We will schedule a consultation with a skilled attorney that can help you to meet your goals.

Estate Planning

Our attorneys can assist with all manner of estate planning processes. We provide practical advice on wills and trusts to ensure that your estate is properly administered.

Assistance with Medicaid and Healthcare Planning

Medicaid is a necessity for many people across the country. More and more elderly people rely on Medicaid each year. Unfortunately, regulations regarding the program can be confusing and difficult to navigate for the average, but McKean & McKean can help to make receiving Medicaid benefits easier.

Protection against Fraud

Elderly people are commonly targeted by those who would seek to defraud them or otherwise take financial advantage of them. McKean & McKean assists seniors with matters involving financial scams, domestic violence, negligence or abuse in a nursing home and more. One of our most important goals is to protect the rights of the elderly.

Elder Law Consultation

If you or a senior loved one is in need of assistance with a legal matter, call 419-898-3095 to speak with an elder law attorney during an initial consultation.